Still Life: 4x5" Black White Film
Silver Gelatin Prints
Looking Out My Window is a series that I shot using my large format 4x5 view camera and Ilford 4x5 film. My inspiration for this series was the 17th century painter Caravaggio and one of the greatest photographer of the 20th century Austrian photographer Josef Sudek. I started the series with a more traditional approach to still lifes and it evolved to an abstraction of still lifes. My ah ha moment came about when I found a beautiful fig leaf at my doorstep delivered to me by the photo gods. From that moment I decided that my series would be about found natural objects and the rain would be an homage to Josef Sudek.
Each is printed on 11"x14" warmtone paper and window matted on a 16"x20" board. Each negative has been hand developed and printed on an 8x10 enlarger.
  • This series was shot using my 4x5 large format view camera. All negatives were developed using the stand development process and printed on an 8x10 Durst enlarger. Photos are printed on a warmtone 11"x14" fiber paper. Film is Ilford ISO 125 4x5.